Villas which were created with respect to the landscape and the vastness of the sea, are situated in one of the most strategic places in the island. Located with reverence to the site, according to the architectural simplicity of the Cycladic landscape provide every quality facilities that a modern bioclimatic residence may offer by respecting the environment and the visitor.

Villas give visitors the warmth and the hospitality that the Cycladic islands generously offered over the centuries since they are made with materials that were used for the traditional Cycladic houses in which the main elements are the sculptured stones and the chestnut wood, combined with handmade surfaces.

The land that once was one of the best vineyards of the island with its own microclimate due to its location, were being taken care with love and during the construction of the residencies we were very careful not to lose the seeds and the particular composition of the soil. Each carved stone of the old terraces in the estate, was gathered one by one with respect to the old local stone builders who once had carved it and was placed again in the suitable spot. Every construction and every object that were added to the site is close to the old way of life of the wonderful and generous Cycladic people.

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